Our Values

Our Values


Continuing search for innovation.

Scientific conscience in the selection of ingredients

Nature alone is not enough and is not always safe.

“Which natural ingredients, of what origin and in what synergies?”
“How much nature and what technology?”

“When should technology prevail and when should nature remain the exclusive factor?”

These scientific questions require safe and effective solutions. We provide answers that reflect the secrets of our formulas! What is natural is not necessarily safe. For us, our products’ safety, quality and effectiveness are determined by quality control.


All Juliette Armand cosmetics are manufactured in our laboratories in accordance to the European Union’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics.


Juliette Armand packages are selected to provide:
– Water-tightness, for guaranteeing the product
– Safety, with pre-sealed products
– Environmentally friendly inert materials
– Materials without extra volume and weight that do not have increased disposal requirements and do not increase the product cost
– Materials of high aesthetic standards, functional, practical, reliable and durable
To understand how important packaging is for a product, it is worth mentioning that archaeologists have discovered an undamaged cream dating from Roman times!


Product effectiveness is documented without exaggerations. It is based on laboratory, clinical and dermatological tests of raw materials and end products.

Quality Control

The quality control process is strict and complies with the 6th and 7th EU Directive, Physicochemical control of raw materials and end products, preservatives control, SPF certification, challenge testing, etc.

Application competence

Experienced and well-trained scientific personnel (chemists, biologists, doctors and cosmeticians) are always available to provide information, at your every request.

Environmental awareness

Juliette Armand is committed to operating business with awareness and respect for nature, people and the future. Raw materials, methods and all stages of production reflect this commitment towards the environment. Unconditionally!

Respect for the customer

Our customer relationships conform to ethical rules and are governed by honest promises, reliability, clear results and consistency.

Social awareness

Beauty is not vanity Cosmetics are not a luxury. They are products that satisfy the need for care and self-respect. Our advanced formulas are personally addressed to every woman and are intended to make them feel comfortable within their skin. This message is also conveyed by our affordable prices.

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